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BetCheck - The Challenge

95% of online sports betting are made on live, system and combination bets, while only 5% are made on single bets.

A comparison of live bets could not yet be offered as the betting odds change every second. 

The complexity of system and combination bets has made a comparison impossible to this day.

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BetCheck - The comparison portal

BetCheck is an innovative comparison portal for sports betting. A team of specialists with over 25 years of sports betting experience has set itself the task of meeting these technically highly complex requirements.

A compact platform in which customers can choose from all sports
Compare live / prematch easily and conveniently, put together your tips for single, combination and system bets.

At BetCheck, the customer gets the best offer from licensed sports betting providers.

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BetCheck - functionalities

> Realtime odds comparison for single bets

> Realtime odds comparison of combination and system bets

> One-click registration. (Valid for all betting providers)

> Overview of all placed bets at a glance

> Cashout offers immediately visible

> Prematch & live betting, all sports available worldwide

> Access to extensive statistics and databases

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BetCheck - User Flow (WEB & APP)

1. Configure the bet individually as usual
2. Check bet / generate ranking 
3. Selection of the best offer
4. Place a bet directly with the respective bookmaker
5. Observe played tickets under "My bets"
6. Complete and cumulative overview of your bets across all sports providers at a glance

BetCheck product film (German)

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